Vitamin and Herb List for Maximizing Immune System (Cancer Fighting System)


In 1997 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I fought a battle beginning with major surgery for removal of half of my large intestine, through very debilitating and painful chemotherapy until, six months after the original onset, I died--actually flatlined--on the operating table in the Emergency Room of St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I was gone for just over three minutes, then my pulse and breathing returned. Where I went and what I saw is another story, but one of the things I "learned" while I was across the threshold was to get off of chemotherapy and to start a regimen of more natural healing methods. First was prayer!  Second was to use natural sources to build back a depleted immune system.  

After weeks of research I developed a list of supplements that are essential to a good immune system that will fight cancer and other diseases. As we grow older, we need these vitamins, minerals and other additives to replace those we lose.  

It is now almost nine years since cancer "killed" me, and I have no traces of cancer!  

I have been asked by other cancer patients for the list that I developed during my months of research then and since. I am reproducing it here for anyone who wishes to use it, research it, or pass it along to those who may be in need.  It may not have everything that some would recommend, but it was the best I could do with the information I had.

To build your immune system in order to fight cancer:


Vitamin C          1,000 mg capsules, 3 per day (Anti-oxidant and immune builder--use Ester C

B Complex capsules        1 ea. day

Vitamin E           400 iu        1 ea. day

CoQ 10               30 mg        1 ea. day

Selenium            200 mg       1 ea. day

Chelated Zinc    50 mg         2. ea. day

MSM                    750 mg       2 @ p.m. for 30 days, then off two weeks, then repeat.

Garlic                1500 mg       1 ea. day

Beta Carotene    2500 iu      1 ea. day for two weeks, then off 30 days, then repeat.

Echinacea        500 mg        1 ea. day

Fish Oil              500 mg        1 ea. day

Acidopholus capsules        (as per instructions)

Grape Seed Extract              2 @ day    (anti-oxidant)

Cayenne pepper capsules        40,000 heat unit        515 mg    1 ea. day  (for circulation, heart and anti-oxidant)

Kelp               225 mcg         2 ea. day, 1 in a.m and 1 in p.m.

Royal Jelly capsules          220 mg        1 ea day (for energy)

Siberian Gingseng Root    400 mg        2 ea. day, one in a.m and one in p.m. (for mental faculty help)

Wheat Grass powder (as per instructions) or Wheat Grass tablets (500mg) 2 ea. day

Barley Green Powder (as per instructions)

St. John's Wort                  500 mg        1 in p.m, and 1 in a.m. (for depression)

Drink plenty of fresh juice every morning and afternoon: (cranberry, orange, carrot, combos etc.). The Vitamix and the Jack La Lanne juicers are good!

Eat "raw" (fresh produce counter) vegetables for their enzyme content--NOT canned veggies. Eat broccoli, carrots, spinach, asparagus etc. Steam or boil lightly or eat raw. Canned vegetables do not have live enzymes. Frozen is okay but not as good as fresh--especially organically grown.

Meats: Keep all meat in moderation. Poultry and fish to some extent, but NO read meats. Tumors love red meat protein--so starve them out.

Drink plenty of liquids, especially filtered pure water. If possible obtain a water ionizer and drink only ionized water. This helps to also attack cancer cells.

Ask for God's healing on a daily basis. This is the most important of all!


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