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By Craig Roberts



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Item Name: The Hind Heist
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Price: $5.95

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It began as a lark. At first, when Los Angeles police helicopter pilot Jeff Walker heard of the idea, he laughed.

"Simmons, you have to be joking. You mean you want to go to Nicaragua, which is very unfriendly toward us now, and steal the latest Russian Hind helicopter from a guarded air base?"

"For a million bucks for a weekend's work, why not?" replied Simmons. "We did infiltration missions like this all the time in Vietnam when I was in Special Forces. The difference now is that I need a pilot. That's where you come in."

"I don't know anything about Russian ships. I flew Cobras in Vietnam, and now Bell Jetrangers. I don't even know how to start the engines."

Simmons grinned. He knew Walker would be turning the thoughts over in his mind. "If I can come up with the flight manual, in English, with a checklist, do you think you could crank it up and fly it?"

"If it's got rotors, I can fly it. But like you say, the big question is can I figure out how to start it. Still, you're crazy. It's a pipe dream. We'd get killed before we ever got near one."

"Maybe," said Simmons. "Maybe not..."