The Dragunov Solution
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Sniper verses Sniper!

When Marine Corporal Jeffrey C. Riley led his squad on the ambush patrol, little did he know that this particular patrol would create a personal enemy that would stalk him wherever he went, with the intention of killing him at the first opportunity.

A firefight ensues and Riley's squad kills a Vietcong soldier who is the uncle of a young Vietcong named Nguyen Van Troung. Troung, a ha-si, or corporal himself. Troung  vows to make Riley's demise his personal vendetta. To do this he volunteers to attend the new Master Sniper school near Hanoi. After weeks of training he graduates at the top of his class, and his instructor, a Russian master sniper named Talanin Dharkov, presents him with a new Dragunov SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle. With this, muses Troung, he will kill the blond Marine named Riley. It will be the solution to dealing with Riley. His Dragunov Solution.

Troung stalks Riley from south of Da Nang to Hue during the Tet offensive of 1968, killing Marines along the way. Finally, he catches up with Riley and his squad in the shot-marked buildings of Hue City.

Riley knows someone has been trying to kill him, but who? And why? He had been shot at to the exclusion of others who were around him at the time. Why is he being singled out.

In Hue, Riley's squad sniper gets hit. Riley's M-16 malfunctions, and he picks up his sniper's Remington M40 sniper rifle.

A block away Nguyen Troung waits.

And, unknown to Troung, there is someone else waiting for targets: Russian Major Talanin Dharkov.

And any target will do.